It's all been a misunderstanding Anita Grant Anita Grant Anita Grant "It's all been a
A story of abuse and
the fight for freedom
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If someone calls you ‘darling’ or ‘princess’ one minute and then ‘pathetic idiot’ or ‘whore’ the next – this book is for you!

Anita Grant
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Maybe you know someone who is experiencing this – please pass this book on to them!

This book contains my family’s story, lessons I learned along the way and guidance to the professional support, wisdom and care that is there to help all of us.

I am a Christian and my faith was used against me to stay in an abusive relationship – maybe you are a person of faith and you are in the same situation? This story needs to be told for an awakening in the faith communities! You may have no faith – but please still read my book as abuse comes in many guises and my experience may mirror yours, or someone you know.

My family and I are now free and flourishing.
I’m sure you will want that too.

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Anita Grant

Anita Grant has written courageously out of the rawness of her experience. I hope that as you read it you will find help or that you will be made alert to what is happening in too many homes. It is a compelling story.

For so many people what is hidden needs to be revealed and this book is part of that.

Anita offers the deep strength of faith with some very practical help.

She writes: ’My aim in writing this book is to give hope’. I trust this honest and passionate testimony will do just that, will throw a lifeline to some and provoke everyone to more awareness.

The Right Reverend Alison White, Bishop of Hull


Suffering years of emotional, physical, sexual and financial abuse, Anita recounts the torment, struggles and triumphs encountered as she fights to free herself from her abuser and find safety and justice. Together with her children and upheld by her faith, they overcome every challenge and obstacle her abuser and ‘the system’ throw at them to escape and find freedom. IDAS (the Independent Domestic Abuse Service) provided the most comprehensive support for the family going through the court system.

Anita and her children have worked with the NSPCC over a number of years to help court systems and procedures for the better – including the ‘Order in Court’ campaign – and inspired one of the NSPCC advertisements that showed a hope-filled boy dreaming of the potential he could achieve with the vital help of the NSPCC. Since finding freedom Anita has raised money for local charities, helped set up Street Angels in her city and now works to help children understand and recognise positive relationships.

Read Anita’s story today


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Anita Grant
Anita Grant
Anita Grant
Anita Grant

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